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Parent Handbook & Forms

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FPPK Parent Forms

Parent Handbook & Forms

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School Forms Checklist (All students)  PLEASE SIGN AND ATTACH THIS CHECKLIST TO ALL NECESSARY FORMS AND RETURN TO THE SCHOOL OFFICE ASAP.  The State of New Jersey requires us to have this form signed from every parent.

Emergency Contacts (All students)  This form must be updated & filled out annually.

Universal Health Form  (All students)  All parents are required to turn in their child’s most current vaccinations in order for their child to remain in school.  Please note that New Jersey now requires that ALL STUDENTS UNDER 59 MONTHS RECEIVE AT LEAST ONE ANNUAL DOSE OF THE FLU VACCINE BY DEC. 31ST.  Please let us know when your child receives his/her flu vaccine for the school year.  Religious exemptions are accepted in writing if you do not wish to vaccinate your child.

CARI Consent Form (All students) This form must be updated every other year and returned to school at least 2 weeks before school begins to allow the for processing.  Please make sure you fill in all the required information and remember to sign the form.  If both parents intend to co-op at FPPK, both parents must submit a CARI form.

Fingerprint Form (New parents only)  FPPK requires that all parents who co-op be fingerprinted and background checked before they “work” in the classroom.  Please make an appointment by visiting the web-site www.bioapplicant.com/nj and bring the Fingerprint Form with you.

Allergy Alert for Classroom and Food Allergy Action Plan  (Only students who are food allergy-positive)  If your child has any type of food allergy, we ask that you fill out a Food Allergy Alert form to post in the classroom to advise other parents of your child’s food allergy and provide suggestions on acceptable classroom snacks.  The Food Allergy Action Plan requires signatures from a parent as well as your child’s doctor.

Parking, Pickup and Delivery Permission Slip  (All students)  Please let the office know if there is anyone you would refuse permission to pick up your child. Be sure to notify the school of any changes in your pick up or delivery procedures. We are not at liberty to release your child without being advised of a change.

Developmental History (All students)  This information is for your child’s teacher and is confidential.

DYFS Page 1DYFS Page 2 & Parent sign-off  (New AM students only)  The State of New Jersey requires all parents to acknowledge that they have read the “N.J. Div. of Youth & Family Services” sheet.  This paperwork is required for us to remain a State Licensed School.

Photo Release Form  (New students only)  Your signature is required.

Parent Fact Sheet  (New students only)  We depend on you, our parents, to enrich our school environment. This form helps us discover how best to use you as our most valuable resource.

Coop Scheduling Procedures & Form 2017-18 (AM students only)  Please read your co-op procedures and responsibilities. Your familiarity with the information is what makes FPP&K run smoothly and efficiently.