Our Mission

About FPPK

We believe that early childhood learning is both exciting and ongoing. The seeds that are planted early in a child’s learning experience, must be nurtured with care and compassion.

Our goal is to balance instructive play and constructive learning in a rewarding  program that values independent exploration as much as group cooperation.

Through Music Appreciation, Art, Drama, Science, Social Studies, Reading Readiness, interactive Math, Movement Education and Culinary Exploration – we strive to fulfill each child’s wide range of interests while laying a strong academic foundation for future learning.

Please call the office at (201) 568-3042 to make an appointment to learn more about our dynamic curriculum and tour the school.


What Is A Cooperative School?

About FPPK

Parent & Child

A parent is a child’s first teacher.  That valued role should continue as your child enters school. At FPP&K, we benefit from the role parents play their child’s life. We believe that a strong home/school partnership provides a wonderful start to your child’s academic journey. Cooping is a great way to bridge the gap between home and school.

Your participation at FPP&K will strengthen the existing bond with your child. Parental involvement gives you first hand knowledge about your child’s classroom experience, increases your understanding of your student’s development and creates stability during their early school years.

To observe your child’s interaction with peers in the classroom is both a joy and an amazing opportunity. You get a bird’s eye view of what YOUR child can do.  Service in the classroom is invaluable and strengthens your role as an educational advocate for your child in future academic settings .

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Community Building

FPP&K is a learning community.  Our families bring unique ideas, talents, skills, perspectives and experiences with them when they enter.  We value your contribution tremendously. Your participation in the school community not only enhances your child’s life, but improves the quality of education for ALL children in the school. Families, teachers, and staff work together to expand the possibilities for FPP&K students – insuring that their learning opportunities extend far beyond the classroom.

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Cooperative Responsibility

Parents sign up for the cooperative days they would like to have during the school year. This allows parents to coordinate schedules with a spouse, employer or babysitter, plan and prepare for special days i.e. birthdays.  A parent’s responsibility on a co-op day is to assist the head teacher as needed and bring in a healthy (nut-free) snack for the class.

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2s – 7 mornings annually

3s (3 day program) – 7 mornings annually

3s (4 day program) – 10 mornings annually

PreK – 11 mornings annually

Kindergarten – 7 half days annually (AM or PM) optional but not required

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About FPPK

At First Presbyterian Pre-School and Kindergarten we believe that children “learn what they live”. We strive to create an engaging learning environment where children’s curiosity is encouraged and their understanding of the world can be explored and expanded; where their self-esteem and confidence can grow and develop in harmony with others.

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Kindergarten Graduation 2013

Oh! The Places They’ll Grow! – “Bergen Mama”

About FPPK

Bergen Mama website highlighted our school and wrote an article about their visit to the campus. Check it out!


“Mini Masters” Art Program

About FPPK


The FPP&K community is a wealth of resources and provides our students with one-of-a-kind learning opportunities. Please speak to our Director if you have any questions about our other special programs, i.e. Soccer (soon to join this page)!

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